Theodore Koenig

Theodore Koenig

Chief Executive Officer presso MONROE CAPITAL CORPORATION

Patrimonio netto: 4 M $ in data 31/03/2024

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heodore L.
Koenig is Chairman and CEO of Monroe Capital LLC.
Mr. Koenig also serves as the Chairman, President and CEO of Monroe Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: MRCC), a publicly traded business development company (BDC); and as Chairman, Director and CEO of Monroe Capital Income Plus Corporation.
Monroe Capital LLC (“Monroe”) is a premier boutique asset management firm specializing in private credit markets across various strategies including direct lending, asset-based lending, specialty finance, opportunistic and structured credit, and equity.
Since 2004, the firm has been successfully providing capital solutions to clients in the U.S.
and Canada.
Monroe prides itself on being a value-added and user-friendly partner to business owners, management, and both private equity and independent sponsors.
Monroe’s platform offers a wide variety of investment products for both institutional and high net worth investors with a focus on generating high quality “alpha” returns irrespective of business or economic cycles.
Monroe has been recognized by both its peers and investors with various awards including Private Debt Investor as the 2022 Lower Mid-Market Lender of the Year, 2022 CLO Manager of the Year, Americas; Global M&A Network as the 2022 Small Mid-Markets Lender of the Year, Americas; Creditflux as the 2021 Best U.S.
Direct Lending Fund; and Pension Bridge as the 2020 Private Credit Strategy of the Year.

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MONROE CAPITAL CORPORATION Chief Executive Officer 09/02/2011
Mc Advisors Chief Executive Officer -
Allendale Public School District (Michigan) Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
Director/Board Member -
Chief Executive Officer -
Director/Board Member -
Chicago-Kent College of Law Corporate Officer/Principal -
Chief Executive Officer 01/01/2004
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Formazione di Theodore Koenig

Indiana University Undergraduate Degree
Chicago-Kent College of Law Graduate Degree

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