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Prezzo in differita. Tempo differito Switzerland - 15/10 17:50:00
119.39 PTS   +0.82%
15/10BORSA: commento di chiusura
15/10FTSE MIB: indice chiude a 26489 punti (+0,81%)
15/10BORSA DI MILANO: Borsa Milano verso chiusura ottava in netto rialzo su banche, oil, corre Cnh, giù Tod's
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Notizie in altre lingue su STOXX ITALY 45 (EUR)
16/10ERG S P A: “Beyond Net Zero” The best idea for ERG's sustainable future by 20..
15/104 WEEKS 4 INCLUSION IS BACK: over 200 companies come...
15/10ITALIE/GÊNES: Atlantia versera 3,4 milliards d'euros pour solder son litige avec Rome
15/10ATLANTIA: signs deal to close dispute over Genoa bridge disaster
15/10ENI S P A: selects the best startups to develop innovative solutions in “Communicat..
15/10INTESA SANPAOLO S P A: Amendment to the terms and conditions
15/10UNICREDIT S P A: Bulbank Bulgaria Signs Guarantee Deal With European Investment Bank to B..
15/10ENI: lance la production de carburant d'aviation durable
15/10UNICREDIT S P A: EIB and UniCredit Bulbank to provide nearly €200 million to Bulgarian bu..
15/10ENI S P A: Kicks Off Alternative Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production
15/10TERNA S P A: Memorandum of understanding for collaboration between the Italian Guardia di..
15/10Leonardo Says Titanium Parts For Airbus Programs Not Sourced From Former Subsupplier
15/10ENI S P A: launches sustainable aviation fuel production
15/10LEONARDO S P A: participates in UTLO ultra trail races
15/10LEONARDO S P A: is not supplying titanium components from Manufacturing Processes Specifi..
15/10Leonardo Says It Didn't Supply Airbus With Components From Embattled Subcontractor -- U..
15/10NEXI S P A: October 15th 2021 Filing Notice – Summary report of voting results
15/10NEXI S P A: October 15th 2021 Resolutions of the Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders'..
15/10ENEL S P A: once again a leader in Institutional Investor Magazine's “All-Europe Ex..
15/10Leonardo recoups some losses after problems with sub-contractor
15/10NEXI S P A: Italy's Nexi moves to close SIA takeover after antitrust green light
15/10EXCLUSIVE: Italy considering extending bank merger incentives to mid-2022 - sources
15/10FINECOBANK S P A: Places $581 Million Senior Preferred Bond
15/10FINECOBANK S P A: PR - FinecoBank succesfully places Senior Preferred
15/10LEONARDO S P A: Declares Itself As 'Injured Party' In Boeing 787 Substandard Parts Supply..
15/10NEXI S P A: Italian Competition Watchdog Green-lights Nexi's Merger With SIA
15/10Boeing Warned Spirit AeroSystems Of Substandard Parts From Italian Subcontractor
15/10Nexi Gets Italian Competition Authority's Green Light for SIA Acquisition
14/10LEONARDO S P A: Boeing finds new defect in continuing struggle to produce Dreamliner 787
14/10NEXI S P A: October 14th 2021 NEXI - SIA, the Italian Competition Authority clears the me..
14/10NEXI S P A: 12 ottobre 2021 Danske Bank porterà lo schema domestico, Dankort, su Apple Pa..
14/10CERVED S P A: Notice of pubblication of the revocation of the call of the extraordinary a..
14/10TERNA: expanding the composition of the board Committees
14/10LEONARDO S P A: Boeing halla nuevo defecto en atribulado proceso para producir el 787 Dre..
14/10LEONARDO: press release
14/10ERG S P A: and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) work together to accelerate the ..
14/10LEONARDO S P A: Italy's Leonardo is "injured party" in Boeing 787 component issue
14/10DAVIDE CAMPARI MILANO N: Campari group first italian member to join unstereotype alliance
14/10LEONARDO S P A: Boeing détecte un nouveau défaut de production du Dreamliner 787
14/10INTESA SANPAOLO: filing notice
14/10UniCredit, Amundi Among Sponsors Of Italy's First Private Equity Fund For Retail Invest..
14/10Leonardo Severs Ties With Boeing Subsupplier
14/10BREMBO S P A: L'appli Brembo qui vérifie l'origine des produits
14/10LEONARDO S P A: signs contract to supply daylight optics for Bundeswehr assault rifles
14/10PRYSMIAN S P A: Group confirms its commitment to the growing US offshore wind farm indust..
14/10SNAM S P A: launches 4You, the .it digital hub dedicated to energy transition
14/10ENEL S P A: X named title sponsor of Island X Prix
14/10ENEL S P A: City Circle
14/10ENEL S P A: Círculo ciudadano
14/10ENI AWARD 2020: prizes for scientific research awarded today by Eni in the presence of th..
14/10ENI: RBC relève son opinion, passe à 'surperformance'
14/10INTESA SANPAOLO: Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting
14/10UNICREDIT S P A: Offloads $20.3 Million Nonperforming Credit Portfolio in Bosnia
14/10BREMBO S P A: Die App, die euch zeigt, ob es sich um ein Originalteil handelt.
14/10UNICREDIT S P A: sells Bosnian non-performing credit portfolio to EOS MATRIX d.o.o., BiH,..
14/10LEONARDO S P A: SmartSat and Deakin University together to enhance the use of space data ..
14/10UNICREDIT S P A: underpins Crédit Agricole's re-focused business strategy in Central and ..
14/10CERVED S P A: Revocation of the call of the shareholders' meeting already scheduled for 2..
13/10REPLY: het Train&Win-programma voor de Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2021 ontving in dri..
13/10SNAM S P A: A network of schools and businesses to promote the digital and green transiti..
13/10REPLY: más de 3.000 soluciones presentadas en tres semanas para el programa Train&Win com..
13/10INTESA SANPAOLO S P A: Announcing INNOVAHY, an H2IT and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center..
13/10INTESA SANPAOLO S P A: Amendment to the terms and conditions
13/10ENI S P A: Mulls Withdrawing From Project In Offshore South Africa
13/10REPLY: le Programme Train&Win du Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2021 enregistre plus de 3..
13/10A2A S P A: Notice of document publication
13/10ENI: Report on the purchase of treasury shares during the period from 4 to 8 October, 202..
13/10PRYSMIAN S P A: ACP Offshore WINDPOWER Conference 2021 in Boston
13/10INWIT S P A: brings the tower of the future to the Earth Technology Expo
13/10REPLY S P A: The Train&Win programme for the Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2021 got more..
13/10REPLY: the Train&Win Programme for the Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2021 got more than ..
13/10REPLY: Mehr als 3.000 Lösungseinreichungen beim Train&Win-Programm für die Reply Cyber Se..
13/10UNIPOL GRUPPO S P A: Notice of dividend payment financial year 2021
12/10CERVED S P A: Notice of pubblication of the documentation required by law related to the ..
12/10Campari Group Names New Maestro Tequilero At Casa San Nicolás
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CNH INDUSTRIAL N.V.14.555 Prezzo in differita.3.37%
TENARIS S.A.9.876 Prezzo in differita.3.13%
INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A.2.575 Prezzo in differita.2.04%
REPLY S.P.A.168 Prezzo in differita.2.00%
ENI S.P.A.12.208 Prezzo in differita.1.90%
HERA S.P.A.3.485 Prezzo in differita.-0.74%
TELECOM ITALIA S.P.A.0.3369 Prezzo in differita.-1.06%
ERG S.P.A.27.52 Prezzo in differita.-1.29%
BPER BANCA S.P.A.2.031 Prezzo in differita.-1.41%
IREN SPA2.498 Prezzo in differita.-1.81%